This traditional Wado Karate Dojo is based in Chelmsford, the county town of Essex in the UK.

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The Instructor is Tim Shaw 6th Dan, but the club runs under the authority of F. Sugasawa Sensei 7th Dan Renshi.
Shikukai Chelmsford is part of the Shikukai Karate-Do International.

The club was founded in 1993 by Tim Shaw and has well-established Dojos in central Chelmsford.

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Everything you need to know. FAQs and much more.

New satellite Dojo opened at Woodham Walter, Nr Danbury Essex, Steve Thain Sensei 3rd Dan. Website:
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Additional contact details. Mobile: text or ring +44 7585 707718

Courses and the latest calendar items for 2016, on our Events page.

Commentary on Ohtsuka Sensei's writings. A companion piece and study by Tim Shaw of Ohtsuka Sensei's "Analects of the Instructor" from the book "Wado Ryu Karate".

Life of Ohtsuka Sensei. An expanded and in-depth history!
An extended article detailing the life of the founder of Wado Karate.

The Naihanchi Enigma.
Naihanchi kata - ever wondered what it's all about?
A detailed examination of this most perplexing of katas.

Article: "Wado Ryu as a Japanese Budo system".
A explanation of Japanese Budo, giving case histories and filling in the historical context with the objective of understanding Wado as a uniquely Japanese style of karate.

Article: "The Philosophy of Wado Ryu."
A unique and detailed examination of Ohtsuka Sensei's philosophy and personal objectives for Wado.



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